Temporary Hiatus

So… you may have noticed the slowness of posts on this blog. Well, studentnomore.com is now officially on the backburner. I haven’t stopped blogging though – just stopped blogging about generics of working life and being a fresh grad.

Why stop? Answers to that can be found on my personal blog, which covers things I am more passionate and have less writer’s block about. I would love for you to visit! Posts revolve mainly around:

  • Product Management – I took the leap from Product Marketing to Product Management in Zalora recently, and blog about my reflections on this experience
  • Tech – It used to be all about my love affair with Windows Phone, but I’m branching out into more gadgetry
  • Travel – Because I do plan out my trips, and I think some of the research would be helpful to netizens out there

There may still be a smattering of posts about productivity and working life, but for now, I’m trying to keep within these categories. Thanks for following this blog. If you’re in mourning or want to vehemently protest this back-burnin’, I can be found on Twitter still.

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